Our energy takes you further

Every day hundreds of thousands of people use our high quality "Energy" solutions to create mobility, space, comfort and safety. We guarantee the availability of the energy required at service stations, in communities, in houses and flats, in agricultural, commercial or industrial operations, in hospitals and on building sites. Locally and internationally, for a wide range of applications. 

Mobility for all

is what our Westfalen service stations provide. As well as fuels and vehicle care, our service stations offer a wide range of services. Our large, well-stocked and inviting mini-markets keep everything you’ll need day-to-day, as well as that special something as a gift or for the journey. Our modern catering has something for every visitor, with bistros, coffee bars and Burger King® Restaurants.

One for all

that's liquefied gas power, which we sell under our Westfalengas brand. Westfalengas is used almost everywhere: in industry and business, in agriculture, commercial catering and in the home, as well as on campsites or large construction sites, rearing and feeding livestock, or in greenhouses, or as power for cars and forklifts. Right across Germany, we’re one of the leaders in liquefied gas.

Highly specialised

Our technical gases are used in industrial production, in the food industry and in medicine, in analysis, and in environmental and refrigeration technology. Our engineers and technicians, our chemists, our in-house and field personnel develop and implement "tailor-made" solutions to give our customers a competitive edge.

Pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial freedom

The experience built from our long history leads us to the knowledge that has taken us onward. That’s the key to our future success:

  • Pioneering spirit and passionate entrepreneurism have set our course for generations.

  • Looking ahead, and determination, allows us early on to recognize and seize opportunities.

  • Our willingness to invest and innovate while keeping a sense of proportion and realism.

  • The willingness and capability to always grow using our own resources, and so protect our entrepreneurial freedom.

  • Total belief in the need for comprehensive and consistent quality in every aspect.

  • The skills and ability to go our own way, and - while surrounded by multinational concerns - to remain successful as a German family-owned business.


Our core work values

We have to thank for our success the great commitment of our capable and loyal people. They’re the ones who made possible this success, and who have made our large "Westfalen family" into something special that extends beyond Germany. Together with our people, we have developed our core work values: "Alert, alive, and close."

• Alert

for us means:

Thinking ahead and being open to innovation and to everything that motivates people. Being flexible but rigorous in thought and in action. Recognizing challenges as opportunities and actively shaping these. Developing ideas and solutions.

• Alive

for us means:

Seizing upon and implementing plans with initiative and ability. Fighting for the best solution, enthusiastically and as a team. Rigorously and resolutely pursuing our personal and common goals.

• Close

for us means: 

Being near, and listening to, people. Understanding what motivates them, and what matters to them. Being friendly and fair. Offering and giving help. As a valued trusted partner, creating long-term high-quality relationships.


Compliance Directive

Compliance means the entirety of all measures which serve to preserve and secure the legal, social, moral and ethical values and standards.

All our actions and behaviours are aligned to the law, regulations and socially recognised ethical and moral principles. We take the view that our corporate activity must always ensure the observance of applicable law and the fulfilment of our social responsibilities, and we accept and live by moral and ethical principles such as integrity, tolerance, respect, honesty, equal opportunities and fairness as irrefutable elements of our business.

All Westfalen group employees are obliged to behave correspondingly.