as a catalyst, e.g. in condensation reactions

Hydrogen chloride 2.5, liquefied under pressure

Hydrogen chloride 2.5

liquefied under pressure
Purity 99,5 vol.%
Descriptions Hydrogen chloride 2.5


Moisture 50 vol. ppm
Delivery formats In steel cylinders
Cylinders/container volumes 10 l 50 l
Content (kg) 6 32,5
Vapour Pressure (bar) 38 38

Unless otherwise stated, these refer to vapour pressure at 288,15K (15°C) and to content at 288,15K (15°C) and 1,013 bar.

Properties corrosive , toxic
Valve connection DIN 477 No. 8 | (1)
Shoulder colour zinc yellow (RAL 1018)