Test gas for exhaust emission testing, gaseous, compressed

gaseous, compressed
Descriptions Test gas for exhaust emission testing
Carbon monoxide 3,5 vol.%
Carbon dioxide 14 vol.%
Propane 2000 vol. ppm
Nitrogen remainder
Delivery formats In aluminium cylinders
Cylinders/container volumes 1 l
Content (m3) 0,012
Filling pressure (bar) 12

Unless otherwise stated, these refer to filling pressure at 288,15K (15°C) and to content at 288,15K (15°C) and 1,013 bar.

Properties asphyxiant , harmful by inhalation , May cause harm to the unborn child
Valve connection 7/16"
Shoulder colour none, proper transport marking in accordance with ADR

Other delivery formats

on request

Mixture of carbon monoxide - chemical symbol CO, carbon dioxide- chemical symbol CO2 - propane - chemical symbol C3H8 - and nitrogen - chemical symbol N2.

For physical data of the components please refer to the product data sheet for the corresponding pure gas.

Typical applications

Suitable pressure regulators:

WEGA range: see brochure: "Good on Top: Pressure Regulators for Specialty Gases".