R-508B, liquefied under pressure

liquefied under pressure
DIN 8960
Purity 99,5 wt%
Descriptions R-508B
R-23 (Trifluoromethane) 46 wt%
R-116 (Hexafluoroethane) 54 wt%


organic substances 0,5 wt%
Moisture 25 wt. ppm
high-boiling residues 50 wt. ppm
non-condensable gases 1,5 vol.%
Delivery formats In steel cylinders
Cylinders/container volumes 10 l
Content (kg) 9,08
Vapour Pressure (bar) 28,6

Vapour pressure corresponds to 273.15 K (0°C).

Properties asphyxiant
Valve connection DIN 477 No. 6 | (W 21.80 x 1/14)
Shoulder colour yellow green (RAL 6018)

Other delivery formats

on request

Physical Data

Molar mass 95,4 g mol-1
Boiling temperature at the bubble point 184,85 (-88,3) K (°C)
Critical Point
Temperature 284,35 (11,2) K (°C)
Pressure 37,7 bar
Density kg m-3
Additional operating figures
Safety group according to DIN EN 378 A1
practical threshold value 0,2 kg m-3
Flammability (LFL) - kg m-3
ozone depletion potential 0
Global warming potential (GWP₁₀₀) 13396