Secudur® Ar, gaseous, compressed

gaseous, compressed
Purity 99,999 vol.%
Descriptions Secudur® Ar


Nitrogen 5 vol. ppm
Oxygen 2 vol. ppm
Moisture 3 vol. ppm
Hydrocarbons 1 vol. ppm
Delivery formats In steel cylinders and 12-cylinder bundles
Cylinders/container volumes 50 l
Content (m3) 10,9
Filling pressure (bar) 200

Unless otherwise stated, these refer to filling pressure at 288,15K (15°C) and to content at 288,15K (15°C) and 0,981 bar.

Properties asphyxiant , see saftey data sheet
Valve connection NEN 3268 RU 3 | (W 24,32 x 1/14 right)
Shoulder colour emerald green (RAL 6001)


m3 kg l liquefied
1 at 288.15 K (15°C); 1 bar 1,000 1,668 1,197
1 kg 0,599 1,000 0,718
1 l liquid at T boiling point; 1 bar 0,835 1,393 1,000

Other delivery formats

on request

Secudur® Ar fulfils the product specifications of the European Pharmacopoeia (PhEur), and is manufactured using the PhEur. Manufacturing analytics with regard to impurities.

Physical Data

Molar mass 39,95 g mol-1
Liquid State
Boiling Point 87,29 (-185,9) K (°C)
Heat of Evaporation 160,81 kJ kg-1
Liquid Density 1392,8 kg m-3
Gaseous state
Density (at 273.15 K and 1.013 bar) 1,78 kg m-3
Density Ratio to Air (at 288.15 K and 1.013 bar) 1,38
Specific heat (at 298.15 K and 1.013 bar) 0,52 kJ kg-1 K-1
Thermal Conductivity (at 288.15 K and 1.013 bar) 0,0160 J s-1 m-1 K-1
Critical Point
Temperature 150,86 (-122,3) K (°C)
Pressure 48,98 bar
Density 537,7 kg m-3
Triple Point
Temperature 83,8 (-189,4) K (°C)
Vapour Pressure 0,687 bar
Heat of Fusion 29,3 kJ kg-1
Additional operating figures
Ignition Point -- K (°C)
Ignition Range in Air -- vol.%
Calorific Value to DIN 51850 -- kJ kg-3

Typical applications

Suitable pressure regulators:

WEGA range: see brochure: "Good on Top: Pressure Regulators for Specialty Gases". We are pleased to assist you making a choise from our large assortment.