Westfalen is supplying Linde Material Handling with the optimum propellant gas at their in-house exhibition

The Westfalen Group will fly the flag at Linde Material Handling's in-house exhibition. In the partner company tent, the family-run company from Münster will showcase the propellant gas brand Westfalengas as the energy supply for forklifts.

Propellant gas (liquefied gas) as an energy source has tax advantages in Germany thanks to its environmental characteristics. The emission levels are particularly suited to indoor use as this fuel burns with almost no residue. This means that products and packaging do not get dirty from exhaust fumes. Additional advantages: The highly economical gas-powered forklifts are ideally suited to multi-shift operation as it only takes minutes to change the gas bottle or refuel. The particularly smooth combustion reduces wear and tear on the engine and makes the vehicles quiet. It also means that servicing and oil changes are required less frequently.

The propellant gas supply is managed either with changeable bottles or an on-site fuel station. The Conneo propellant gas bottles sold in Germany by Westfalen are ideal for small fleets of forklifts. Thanks to the unique click-on system, bottles can be changed in a matter of seconds without needing any tools. In comparison to standard bottles the user saves a lot of time.

Larger fleets of forklifts operate more efficiently with their own fuel station. Following extensive consultation and detailed feasibility studies, the Westfalen Group plans and builds these company fuel stations in line with customer requirements. The options range from the aboveground compact unit to the underground storage tank with a separate mounted tap device. A patented collision protection system with a structural certificate and an auto fuel terminal can also be supplied if required. The latter records all fuelling data and assesses fleet optimization. Westfalen obtains all the required authorisations, installs the fully operational system and coordinates approval through an accredited testing agency. The company will also take on the servicing and maintenance of existing systems.

The Westfalen Group
The energy supply company from Münster supplies propellant gas for around 15,000 industrial trucks across Germany. Furthermore, with the Westfalengas and Westfalen Autogas brands, the Westfalen Group is one of the leading liquefied gas suppliers in Germany. Natural gas and electricity complete the energy supply division's portfolio. The family-run company, founded in 1923, is also active in the gases and service station sectors. With more than 1,600 employees, the Westfalen Group posted sales of approximately 1.8 billion euros in the 2014 financial year.