Setting of the course for further growth: Personnel changes in the Supervisory Board and Board of Directors in the Westfalen Group

The Westfalen Group, Münster, has recently made significant personnel changes in the Supervisory Board and Board of Directors. "These foundations for the generational succession form the basis for achieving our goals", explains Chief Executive Officer Wolfgang Fritsch-Albert. "These are sustainable and profitable growth, and future-proofing our family company."

Renate Fritsch-Albert was appointed as a member of the Westfalen Group Supervisory Board with effect from 17 March 2017. Despite her move from senior management to the supervisory body she will continue to be available to the company in an advisory capacity. The Westfalen Supervisory Board therefore comprises Dr. rer. pol. Wolf-Albrecht Prautzsch (Chairman of the Board), Dr. oec. publ. Bernhard Klofat (Deputy Chairman), Renate Fritsch-Albert, Dipl.-Oec. Anka Wittenberg, and the Employee Representatives Michael Brink and Dierk Winter.

A further step in the business succession was taken when Alexander Fritsch-Albert was welcomed onto the Board of Directors of the Westfalen Group, effective 1 April 2017. Since the start of April, he has been the person in charge of the management division Gases Europe. Alexander Fritsch-Albert started in our company as assistant to the senior management on 1 September 2009 and in this function gained experience in various fields of activity within the Westfalen Group. Fritsch-Albert then went abroad and from May 2013 to the end of 2014 was Managing Director of Westfalen Austria. Back in the company headquarters, he was most recently Head of Sales Gases Germany and member of the senior management. The Westfalen Board of Directors now consists of Wolfgang Fritsch-Albert (CEO), Reiner Ropohl (Sales), Alexander Fritsch-Albert (Gases Europe), Dr. Meike Schäffler (HR, IT, Production/Engineering/Tank storage) and Torsten Jagdt (Finances).

Westfalen Group
The Westfalen Group is an energy sector technology company operating with a total of 23 subsidiaries and associates in Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The family business, founded in 1923, has over 20 production sites located across Europe and is headquartered in Münster. Its business sectors are gases, energy supply and service stations. With about 1,700 employees, the Westfalen Group posted sales of approximately 1.7 billion euros in the 2015 financial year.