Transport gases easily by plane: Westfalen to present "Alumini® 12 fly" at Lab-Supply in Berlin

The new pressurised cans are delivered, all ready for transport by air, in their corresponding Alumini® Smart Box along with removal equipment.


On 22 June, the Westfalen Group will take part in Lab-Supply in Berlin for the first time.  The international family-owned company will present the new pressurised can "Alumini® 12 fly", along with other products, at the regional trade fair for instrumental analytics, laboratory technology and biotechnology. Gases can be transported easily by air with these mini-canisters, which have capacities from 1.0 litres.

The "Alumini® 12 fly" can be delivered fast, even to areas where transport by road and ship is difficult. The new canister design offers significantly increased mobility for manufacturers and users requiring gases for use all over the world. "Alumini® 12 fly" can be filled with over 30 of the Westfalen Group's high-purity gases, gas mixtures and isotopes or isotope mixtures. Experts will be offering advice on these, and other products and special services that the full-service provider offers, at the company's stand in the Estrel Convention Center.

A total of over 50 companies will be exhibiting at Lab-Supply in Berlin. The trade fair is aimed at professionals from sectors such as environmental, food and industrial analysis, biochemistry, medical diagnostics and pharmacology. Entry is free.

The Westfalen Group will also be at the upcoming Lab-Supply trade fairs in Dresden on 23 August and Münster on 20 September 2017.