Westfalen Group at "Sensor + Test": New "Alumini® 12 fly" pressure can enables gasses to be delivered by air all over the world

Image caption (photo: Westfalen Group): The Alumini® 12 fly enables safe, easy transportation of up to 30 gases all over the world.

The Westfalen Group will be taking part in the international trade fair "SENSOR + TEST" in Nuremberg this year for the first time.  At the world's leading forum for sensors, measurement and testing technology, around 590 exhibitors from over 30 nations will be presenting their products from 30 May to 1 June 2017. Under the motto "Ready for take off – reach everywhere with the new Alumini® 12 fly", the Westfalen Group will be spreading the word about the new, lightweight aluminium pressure cans for gases that can be transported safely by air.

The Alumini® 12 fly enables faster delivery, including to areas where transport by road and ship is difficult. The new canister design therefore offers significantly increased mobility for manufacturers and users requiring gases for use all over the world. Alumini® is also the perfect product for anyone requiring smaller quantities of gas, as the mini-canisters are available in different sizes from a capacity of 0.5 litres. The product is therefore a practical alternative to the traditional large and heavy high-pressure containers.

With the new gas bottles, users also benefit from the extensive delivery program of the Westfalen Group. Alumini® 12 fly can be filled with over 30 high-purity gases, gas mixtures and isotopes or isotope mixtures.

The new mini-canisters are stored in the relevant Alumini® Smart Box for air transport. The Smart Box contains the pressure cans, as well as the requested extraction equipment.  Shipping by post is also possible depending on the properties of the gas/gas mixture.


Westfalen Group

The Westfalen Group is an energy sector technology company operating with a total of 23 subsidiaries and associates in Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The family business, founded in 1923, has over 20 production sites located across Europe and is headquartered in Münster. Its business sectors are gases, energy supply and service stations. With about 1,700 employees, the Westfalen Group posted sales of approximately 1.7 billion euros in the 2015 financial year.